AfriKin Talks: Panafricanism In A Changing World Order

In collaboration with Pan African Heritage World and Florida Africana Studies Consortium

A Virtual Celebration of Black History Month Through Conversation and the Arts.

Professor emeritus, U.W.I
Dr. Keisha-Khan Y. Perry
Brown University
Dr. Pashington Obeng
Ashesi University from Ghana
Ezrah Aharone
Delaware State University
Dr. Carole Boyce-Davies
Cornell University
Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks
Founder of AfriKin
Live Performances

African peoples the world over are called to reassess the thoughts and principles that have been responses to their experiences in the twentieth century and to forge new conceptualizations for their place in the emerging order. Of all these responses, Panafricanism has sustained African peoples from their struggles for liberation to the construction of official continental and transcontinental unity.

How has Panafricanism impacted the development of African consciousness and the quest for unity? Can the concept be redeployed in global Africa’s search for new paradigms in setting its place in this new coming order? How decisive will Panafricanism be in setting global Africa’s trajectory toward a new African century? And can this new order depart from the unicentric articulations of its predecessors?

It has been argued that if Global Africa is a context, then Panafricanism is its ideology; Panafricanism In A Changing World Order brings thinkers of the Pan African world to revisit the concept of Panafricanism: its history and achievements, and its potential for articulating global Africa in the order to come.

If the majority of global Africa’s communities can’t access the academy, then we bring the academy to community. Panafricanism In A Changing World Order brings the thoughts on the concept to the communities which can gain the knowledge that they can then apply to other aspects of their lives.

Presented in a language accessible to the communities, Panafricanism In A Changing World Order rekindles the concept at a time the Black world is confronted with new forms of exclusion and violence.

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Panafricanism in a changing world order