If there is a question you have that is not answered on this site please email or call us at: info@afrikin.org / (305) 900-5523

What's the best time to arrive?
Definitely arrive several hours earlier to be on the safe side. CARPOOL, CARPOOL, CARPOOL!!! Please be prepared for significant delays if you choose to not obey all event signage and staff. For the easiest and fastest arrival and departure, take a shuttle.
Can I walk to the event?
Yes, pedestrian access is available.
What time does it end?
The event usually ends around 11:00 pm-ish. Give or take a few.
Will you be posting set times in advance?
Yes. Set times will be posted here a couple of days before the event and will also be on the event guide that is passed out upon entrance.
How hot will it get in the day and how cold will it get at night?
CLICK HERE for South Florida 10 day Weather forecast information.
CLICK HERE to see what the average weather is like in South Florida. all year long.
What are you doing to ensure my safety at the event?
We are working in conjunction with state & city law enforcement and in coordination with multiple government agencies to work towards delivering the safest event environment possible.
I am a photographer. Who do I arrange a photo pass through?
PRESS/MEDIA Inquiries:
Please visit our contact info page:


Are you hiring volunteers at the event?
Yes, Please visit our volunteers page: https://www.afrikin.org/volunteer/
Can I pass out flyers/promotional stuff inside? Outside?
No. Please try and use less paper. Plus, marketing is totally overrated.
How do I become food vendor? Or non-food vendor? I have questions!
We are seeking vendors. There is a waiting list. You can email us to ask about this. vendors@afrikin.org

Food Vending: Please visit the contact page at the bottom of this website.

Are there any places to rent a bicycle nearby?
You should check HERE or HERE.
Can I ride my bike to the event? Where do I park my bicycle?
Yes! People lock them all over. Don’t lock it to an entrance or art piece though or you may never see it again. Park/Lock at your own risk. Tons of people bike every year. Look for designated bike parking.
Why __(any question)____________________ ?
Can I use tickets/wristbands/the Afrikin name to promote my website/product/event?
No. The Afrikin trademarks, intellectual property, tickets and wristbands may NOT be used for advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or any commercial purpose. The only exception is for the event’s official sponsors.
Can I sell my (insert stuff I want to sell) in the parking lots, camping areas or venue?
If you don’t have vending approval from the Afrikin your items will be confiscated.